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Over 100 Years of Experience in Texas Business Transactions, Disputes, Estate Planning, and Probate Administration

Little Pedersen Fankhauser, LLP was formed as of January 1, 1994 by a group of partners at a major Dallas law firm. The founders decided to defy conventional big firm wisdom to the contrary and leave their comfortable big firm practice to create a small law firm, determined to remain a small law firm and reject the customary effort to create the pyramidal structure of partners, senior associates and associates that is the norm for American law firms.

The founders of the firm knew their skills wouldn’t be diminished by electing to practice law in a small firm environment and they knew too that their clients would readily understand this. The founders also knew that their per lawyer overhead would be greatly reduced with a smaller infrastructure and no associate lawyers, allowing lower billing rates and a greatly diminished focus on billable hours. It was no surprise to the founders that their existing clients and new client prospects appreciated the lower billing rates and the direct availability of experienced counsel without the automatic creation of a “team” of experienced and younger lawyers for every project.

From Complex Business Transactions to Will Contests, We’re Here to Meet Your Needs

Twenty years later, the firm is composed of three experienced lawyers all with more than thirty years of experience in their respective fields. One is a┬ábusiness or “transactional” lawyer, having devoted much of his practice to transactions. One of the partners handles estate planning and probate matters, with a further emphasis on tax exempt organizations. The third partner is a commercial litigator, with experience representing policyholders in insurance coverage issues, in probate and trust litigation, and in environmental law.

For high net worth individuals and families, entrepreneurs, small and mid-size businesses, including startups, and established businesses, the firm’s experienced lawyers can handle most legal needs, including business formation and acquisition matters, typical business negotiations and contracts, such as shareholders’ agreements, and business dispositions, sometimes called “liquidity events.” For disputes that arise along the way, we are experienced in federal and state court litigation at both the trial and appellate levels, not only in Texas but in other major U.S. forums, as well as in arbitration and administrative proceedings. The firm’s estate planning capability is as sophisticated as any firm in the country as is our ability to handle probate matters (ranging from ordinary to complex) as well as probate and trust-related disputes.

When our clients require special expertise that we do not have – for example, to prosecute patents, to represent parties in divorce or child custody matters, to deal with bankruptcy or insolvency questions, to handle income tax or corporate tax matters or matters involving foreign law – we readily associate ourselves with the right lawyers for the project, not being tethered to colleagues in the far flung offices of our own firm who may be little known to us. In other words, we are flexible and able the find the right legal assistance for our clients when the need arises.

While we continuously commence representation of new clients, many, if not most, of our clients have allowed the firm to represent them for many years, and in some cases through more than one generation. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients, their families and their businesses, and accordingly our clients don’t find themselves explaining their situation or their goals, or re-explaining their situation or goals to a young lawyer who has inherited a client’s file. Thus our representation is in some respects more efficient than that available at a large law firm and, we venture to guess, a lot less frustrating for the client who doesn’t wish to explain or introduce himself or herself again. Our close and enduring client relationships also allow us to add real value as counselors as well as advocates.

Stanford Financial Group Receivership

Firm principal John J. Little is the court-appointed Examiner in Securities and Exchange Commission v. Stanford International Bank, Ltd., et al. and has served in that capacity since April 2009. For the Stanford Financial Group Examiner’s website, please click here. To access the Claims Website of the Stanford Financial Group Receiver, click here.

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