Appellate Practice

Given the increasing number of appeals made each year, appellate courts actively seek opportunities to strike appellate briefs from consideration. Failure to properly preserve error or to follow the procedural rules proves fatal to an appeal. Consequently, the need for experienced appellate counsel is greater than ever. We have practiced extensively in both state and federal appellate courts. In addition to appeals from trial court judgments, we have handled interim appeals and original proceedings, including applications for writs of mandamus — appeals perfected before a final judgment.

Representative Matters

We have represented industries such as communications, technology, manufacturing, investment firms, hotel operators, and executors before Texas appellate courts and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Janvey v. Adams, 588 F.3d 831 (5th Cir. 2009)(Stanford Receivership)
  • Wyndham International, Inc. v. Ace American Ins. Co., et al., 186 S.W.3d 682 (Tex. App.-Dallas 2006, no pet.)(insurance coverage)
  • Sport Supply Group, Inc. v. Columbia Casualty Company and RSKCo Claims Services, Inc., 353 F.3d 453, 67 U.S.P.Q.2d 1225 (5th Cir, 2003)(insurance coverage).
  • Marion v. Davis, 106 S.W.3d 860 (Tex. App.-Dallas 2003, pet. denied)(probate)
  • Chickasha Cotton Oil Company v. Houston General Insurance Company, 2002 Westlaw 1792467 (Tex. App.-Dallas, August 6, 2002)(op’n on rehearing)(insurance coverage)
  • Nat’l Bank of Kuwait v. Vinson Supply, 963 F.2d 369 (5th Cir. 1992)(letter of credit)
  • W.O. Akin v. Q-L Investments, Inc. 959 F.2d 521 (5th Cir. 1992)(securities)
  • Collins v. Williamson Printing Corp., 746 S.W.2d 489 (Tex. App.-Dallas 1988, no writ)(contract/debt)
  • American Cyanamid Company v. Mississippi Chemical Corporation, 817 F.2d 91 (11th Cir. 1987)(contract)


  • John J. Little
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